Application Don’ts

  • Don't apply hand lotion or cuticle oil BEFORE or DURING the gel application process. This will cause the gel to slip and not adhere well. 
  • Don't buff your nails after filing them . Filing creates a rough surface, allowing the gel to adhere better. Buffing reverses this effect by making the surface smooth again (which will cause the result not to last very long).
  • Don't apply the gel on or too close to the skin . If you get gel on your skin, use the cuticle stick to remove it before curing. Curing gel on your skin will affect the lasting (easier to the gel to come off).
  • Dont apply gel polish in direct sunlight (outdoors or in a sunny room) as this can cause the gel to harden (as this is what happens with LED light). Work in a cool, dark space with interior light. (The same goes for storage of your gel polishes).