Stunning short nails designs


Trends for short nails: Ideas and shapes 

Short nails are officially in. Are they ever really out? I mean, not everyone can rock stiletto-length nails, but that does not mean short nails have to be boring! In fact, short nail designs can be just as wild and creative, or you can choose a variety of classy short nail designs that are a bit more minimal, chic, and sophisticated. There is no limit when it comes to trends for short nails, including the variety of short nail shapes. Everything from short square tips to rounded, oval, and almond shapes, and slight variations of each. So depending on the shape of your short nails and the short nail design you choose, you can still achieve any nail trend look!


Lip Gloss Nails

You can never go wrong with a short, neutral mani that keeps you looking perfectly polished and effortlessly chic. One of our favorites for classy short nail designs has to be the lip gloss nail trend. It’s absolutely perfect for short nails! If you love the lip gloss nail trend but want to make it sparkle and aren’t afraid of a little shimmer, you can also jump on the fairy glaze nail trend, adding a chrome glaze or shimmery top coat giving your nails just a bit of shine without going too glam or glitzy.


Modern Floral Nail Design

Nail Design by Kersten Chong - Cherie

Flower nail designs never go out of style, and we see so many with a brighter flower color palette, so when we saw this modern floral nail design it caught our attention! What we love about this beautiful short nail design are the cool, subtle colors and shades used. This short nail design has the perfect blend of a minimalist aesthetic with femininity. Choosing to keep the base color a nice neutral and the flowers to a minimum is perfection! 


Skinny French Manicure 

The skinny French is perfect for classy short nail designs. The French manicure keeps evolving and it’s actually a bit shocking how many creative ways you can dress up this very classic manicure style. We love that the skinny French designs go from bright rainbow colors to dark French girl cool by using black for the nail tips. Short nails with a skinny French manicure are elegant and incredibly chic, proving less is indeed sometimes more.  

Rainbow Nail Art

Color us happy with this super fun rainbow mani. This is the type of short nail design that just might make those with nine-inch nails want to reconsider. If you love color and prefer to color outside the classic lines of a Frenchie, then this is the perfect short mani for you! It's a playful abstract work of art that reminds us of paint dripping from a paintbrush. A colorful manicure we think might be more suited for shorter nails to keep them playful, on longer nails this look might not be as cute and fresh.

Peach​​​​​​​​, Blue Vanilla​​​​​​​​, Bubblegum Crush​​​​​​​​, Lemon Sorbet​​​​​​​​, Crème de Lavande 



Nails by Oana Caldararu - Cherie

If you’re done with pink nails and the barbicore nail trend, then maybe it's time you ride the waves of the new mermaidcore nail trend. Yes, mermaidcore, as in all things under the sea that would have Ariel from The Little Mermaid singing with delight! This trend is perfect for anyone who wants to add a splash of color to short nails. The tropical shades of blues and gorgeous aqua greens are endless, but the mermaidcore trend doesn’t stop there. There are also beautiful iridescent seashell nails, and taking color inspiration from oysters, the pearl of the sea with various chrome and pearlescent finishes. 

Blue Lagoon, Sparkling Sea Salt, Fleur Bleue


Animal Prints

Nails by Nina Jørgensen - Cherie 

We got wildly excited about this neon twist on a cheetah print! Definitely not your grandma’s cheetah print. Using black with neon yellow makes this animal print nail design so modern and cool. This is exactly what we mean when we say short nails do not have to be boring! Play with different short nail shapes, and alternate nails with the print and solid colors. If your short nails are begging for a little mani adventure, go wild!

See, short nail designs are just as fun, classy, and glamorous as long nails, It’s never about the length, it’s all about how you style your nails and make them your own! That is the beauty of DIY at-home manicures, you can let your imagination run wild!

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