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DIY a Gel Manicure in 30 Seconds With This Gadget
Kate Puhala, Jan 21 2015
"The portable kit comes with a streamlined set of tools that covers everything you need to prep and paint your nails, including a bottle of vibrant-hued all-in-one gel (no base coat, top coat or cleansers required) and the single-finger confection-shaped LED lamp from which the kit gets its name. Pretty freaking adorable."

Does a DIY Gel Manicure Work as Well as the Real Thing? We Investigate.
Cortney Clift, Sep 10 2015 
"Overall, I was super impressed with this. It’s cute but also ultra functional. Did I mention that it also comes with a USB cord that you can plug into your laptop?!" 

10 Cool Gal Crowdfunds to Check Out This Weekend
Ashley Macey, Oct 28 2016
"We loved this product when it was first released on Kickstarter, and now they’re back with even more gel manicure sets and polishes. This time around, the company is raising money for their new limited edition holiday gift sets featuring their iconic macaron gel manicure LED lamp and six brand new gel polishes. Get ’em while they last!"

The 16 Best Beauty Innovations of 2015
Carly Cardellino, Dec 21 2015
"This Kickstarter-funded nail kit comes with a mini macaron-shaped LED lamp with a USB and power charger, a matching gel polish, cuticle stick, mini nail file, and 10 gel polish remover pads. The tiny LED lamp can cure any gel nail polish and you can even give yourself a gel pedi with it too!"

Le Mini Macaron, the Express Manicure Kit 2.0
Stéphanie Cheron, Apr 18 2016
"Une manucure simple, brillante, longue tenue et surtout rapide sans devoir passer par la case "salon de beauté" et dépenser chaque mois des sommes faramineuses tout en perdant un temps précieux. Bref, une véritable révolution beauté!" ("A manicure that is simple, brilliant, long-lasting and fast without having to go to a 'beauty salon' and spend monthly sums of money while losing precious time. In short, a true beauty revolution!")

The Best Beauty Gifts Under $50
Mary Jane Peters, Nov 23 2016
"In preparation for the holiday season, the ELLE Canada beauty team has rounded up the best beauty gifts under $50. From false eyelashes housed in an adorable Christmas ornament to super luxe face masks, we have a option for everyone on your list – naughty or nice."

Beauty Gadgets You'll Want
Nov 23 2015
"Descubrimos este producto de belleza gracias a S Moda, y estamos seguros que se convertirá en un must de esta navidad. A diferencia de las aparatosas lámparas de secado que solemos ver en los salones de belleza, estos mini macarons -que además nos encantan por sus colores y diseños- fijan el esmalte en segundos tras introducir las uñas en su interior." ("We discovered this beauty product thanks to S Moda, and we are sure that it will become a must-have for this Christmas. Unlike the huge drying lamps that we usually see in the beauty salons, these mini macarons - which we also love for their colors and designs - affix the gel in seconds after placing the nails inside.")

Meet the Adorable Macaron LED Lamp
Feb 4 2015
"With bright bubble colors and fun flavors, macarons make the perfect muse for nail products. That fun, sugary vibe is half the reason we’re drooling over the new Kickstarter from Camelia Beauty, the Le Mini Macaron one-finger LED lamp. The other half is that it’s wildly practical. This little guy has a USB adapter, which means you plug it into your computer and cure your gel polish at home (only 30 seconds per nail) while you type or peruse the web. In addition to the lamp, every kit comes with a bottle of one-step gel polish, a wall charger with USB adapter, cuticle stick and nail file, 10 soak-off remover pads, and detailed instructions."

Le Mini Macaron is Back... With More Colors!
Issa Lutfi, Oct 12 2015
"Le Mini Macaron turns taste buds into nail art with an eye catching, irresistible LED lamp shaped jut like a French macaron. This innovative design is perfect for girls to do a on-the-go manicure by curing nails in only 30 seconds... Each kit comes with everything you need for DIY manicure at home."

We Tested Possibly The Cutest DIY Gel Manicure Kit, Ever
Jenna Igneri, Mar 7 2016
"If you’re a lover of sweets and chip-proof fingertips, then Le Mini Macaron’s Gel Manicure Kit is the nail set of your dreams. Not only is it absolutely adorable, it’s also the easiest way to get a salon-worthy manicure, that will last 7 to 10 days, from the comfort of your own home."

Le Mini Macaron, or How To Apply Your Gel Polish While You Work

Mar 8 2016
Pourquoi on adore? Le vernis semi-permanent tient plusieurs semaines mais sa brillance et sa tenue ont un coût. Dans les salons de manucure, vous pouvez payer jusqu’à 35 euros et les kits maison commercialisés aujourd’hui en boutique ne sont pas donnés non plus. Par ailleurs, pour obtenir une jolie manucure semi-permanentée, il faut avoir le temps de prendre rendez-vous et de passer toutes les étapes (base coat, top coat, dégraissant etc..). C’est pourquoi on est fan du Mini Macaron : un kit peu onéreux, simple à utiliser, rapide et efficace. ("Why we love it? Gel varnish lasts several weeks but its brilliance and its durability have a cost. In salons you can pay up to 35 euros and the kits sold today in the shop are not given either. Moreover, to get a nice gel manicure, you have to have time to make an appointment and go through all the steps (base coat, top coat, cleanser etc ..). That's why we are a fan of Le Mini Macaron: an inexpensive, simple to use, fast and efficient kit.") 

16 New Beauty Products Editors Are Digging This December
Emily Orofino, Dec 14 2016
"I love getting pampered at the nail salon, but if you're constantly on the go, it can be hard to keep consistent appointments. Le Mini Macaron Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set is, yes, a great gift to give, but it's an even better gift to keep. It comes with a tiny limited-edition gold LED lamp, which is shaped like a macaron, two mini gel polishes (one pink, one red), plus items to keep your nails manicured." — Kirbie Johnson, host and producer, Beauty Junkie and Pretty Unfiltered

EXCLUSIVE! Sally Hansen Salon Vs. Le Mini Macaron's Starter Kits — Which Gel Mani Is Worth Your Money??
Oct 24 2015
"The mini macaron shape is super adorable and makes the LED lamp fun to use. It's hard to beat the positive experience with Le Mini Macaron. Not having to stress about trying to get nails to dry is a HUGE plus and basically the entire point. Also, the fact that it can either be plugged into the wall or using the USB cable with your laptop is a another pro! Even though both manicures turned out chip-free, the experiences were totally different. So, if we had to pick just one kit, we'd go with Le Mini Macaron!!"

10 New Beauty Gadgets You Need In Your Life
Katie McCarthy, Nov 13 2015
"TBH, the product’s too-cute packaging and insanely low price made me seriously underestimate this fabulous beauty value. The included polish is thick and easy to control during application and the process of painting and curing one nail at a time allows you set the polish before it has a chance to bleed into your cuticles. It took just 30 minutes to give myself a glossy red manicure as durable and professional-looking as any salon gel mani. And the teeny-tiny lamp fit easily into my toiletry bag on a trip out of town."

The Best Tech Gift Ideas: 30 Gifts For the Person Who Always Has the Latest in Tech
Emma Sarran Webster
"Le Mini Macaron is an adorable, USB-powered gel nail kit that launched last year, and the brand is offering a limited edition holiday box complete with a gold LED light and charger, two gel colors, and the necessary tools for creating the perfect gel mani."

Spring's Best Beauty Gadgets
Mar 23 2016
"This gel manicure kit is perfect for the girl on the go. The macaron is the LED Light, the polish that it uses is a 3 in one, so it’s your top coat, base coat, as well as color. The light is plugged in by a USB device so you can easily plug this in your laptop and do your nails at your desk."

The Ultimate Beauty-Junkie Gift Guide
Stephanie Montes, Nov 22 2016
"Shopping for the glam girl who has everything is never easy, so we’ve curated the perfect gift guide to help everyone on your list look their most gorgeous in 2017... Get perfect gel nails on the go with this macaron-inspired mini LED lamp."
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