Application Do’s

    • When you start your nail prep, you just need to push your cuticules back (we include a cuticle pusher in our kits). Trim loose skin or snags (with a cuticule nipper). This is an optional step; you don’t really need to do it as longs as you use cuticule oil and hand cream regularly and push them back sometimes. This keeps them groomed on an ongoing basis. 

    • File the edge and the surface of each nail. Filing the surface allows the gel to adhere better and filing the edges helps keep the gel from chipping. File in one direction using light strokes. You don’t want to saw away (back and forth) at the edge of your nail as this wear it down quickly and it’s easy to get an uneven shape.

    • Make sure the first coat of gel polish is VERY thin (with barely any gel in the brush). Do not lob on a bunch of polish the way you would do with regular nail polish. This is extremely important to ensure that the base layer is not too thick, which will affect the lasting. You can remove excess gel polish from the brush (before applying) by wiping it along the opening of the bottle. This will help in ensuring a VERY thin first layer.

    • If you get it on your skin, use the cuticle stick or your thumb nail from the other hand, to just remove the excess before curing the nail with LED Lamp.

    • If you smear it before you go into the lamp to dry it, you just need to wipe off the entire nail with the remover + a cotton pad and re-paint it.

    • Cure the nail as soon as the gel is applied (instead of applying gel on all five fingers then curing one by one). It’s important to cure each nail immediately to minimize the amount of time the gel is exposed to air, as this will negatively affect the result. The mini macaron is a 30 sec cycle, and the maxi macaron (larger lamp) is a 60 sec cycle.

    • Apply a second layer of gel polish and cure again. Make the 2nd coat slightly thicker with even strokes of gel polish. This will create a nice, smooth top layer, which can last longer.

    • Cap the tip of every nail by running the brush along the edge. This will also protect from chipping by providing a thicker layer of gel along the nail edge.

    • Let the lamp rest for 30-60 seconds between application on your left and right hands. This will allow the lamp to cool down.

    • Close the bottle of gel polish when not in use, and while you are waiting for each curing cycle if possible (or at least set the cap over the bottle while you are curing to minimize the amount of air and light that enters the bottle). This will prevent the gel from drying out, as gel reacts to both LED light and also natural light. Avoid having the LED lamp shine directly on an open bottle of gel, as this will also dry out the gel.

    • Be sure to shake the bottle well each time before applying because our gel polish is a 3-in-1 gel (base coat, color and Top coat all in one formula). Sometimes if the bottle has been sitting for a long time, the Top coat component can separate, so shake well to mix the formula.

  • For new users, when you’re drying the nail under the LED light, it’s possible to accidentally move the nail (if you’re not paying attention). It’s important to keep the finger still so that the light dries all around the entire surface (including the edges of your nail). You can always cure your nail for an additional 5-10 seconds to ensure that you have completely dried the nail before moving on to the next one. This will make sure that even the edges are fully cured. If you are still experiencing chipping issues, we recommend curing for an extra 5-10 seconds to make sure that the chipping is not caused by nails which aren’t fully dry.