5 Reasons We Love Gel Better Than Regular Polish:

Why you really need to switch it up

Can’t decide if you should make the switch from regular polish to gel? We’ve compiled our Top 5 reasons we think gel is better than regular polish to help you decide.

Regular vs Gel Polish


1) Super Speedy

Skip the basecoat and topcoat needed for regular nail polish and apply our 3-in-1 gel formula for an ultra-fast, 15 minute 1-step manicure.

2) Easier Application

As gel polish doesn’t air dry, you can remove smudges and imperfections and ensure the layer is even, achieving the perfect finish.

3) Instant Dry

Once you have the perfect application, gel dries in just 30 seconds under our patented LED lamp. No more waiting for your nails to dry!

4) 10x Shinier

Gel ensures a gorgeous, smooth, high-gloss finish that reflects more light for ultra-shine.

5) Chip-Free

Perfect gel manicures can last up to 2 weeks without chipping – no need to refresh.


So…. ready to make the switch?