I've never used a UV light at home before. What do I need to know?

Our light is actually LED (not UV) so it dries quicker and also doesn’t contain UV rays

Our LED lights are timed to go off automatically. The mini macaron is a 30 sec cycle and the maxi macaron (larger lamp) is a 60 sec cycle. So you don’t have to think about it!

Gel polish is VERY thick. It needs to be applied ULTRA thin. If you apply it too thick, it can feel like it’s burning under the LED lamp. It’s OK if the lamp feels a little warm on your nail as you’re curing it, but it shouldn’t burn. If this happens, wipe off the gel and re-apply a super thin coat.

For first time users, we recommend that you can cure for a few seconds more (4 - 5 sec.) as sometimes first-time users paint a bit thick. You should paint a thin layer, but if you find it’s not totally dry after 1 cycle under the lamp (30 sec), just cure for a little longer and this should do the trick.