Will Le Mini Macaron’s LED lamp work with other brands of gel polish?

Yes, the lamp can work with any gel polish, if the gel is good quality. We can’t necessarily guarantee the results if it’s not our own gel, but it should work with other ones. Also different gel polishes matched with different lamps sometimes require different “curing” times. If you use our LED lamp with another gel, and you find it’s not dry enough, we recommend 2-3 cycles under the lamp (30 second cycles, two or three times). 

By the way, we have heard of some people trying our LED lamp with Nail Polish and telling us this doesn’t work. Nail polish requires air drying, whereas gel polish contains a polymer that must be ‘cured’ by an LED lamp in order to harden (dry). Nail polishes are NOT meant to be used with LED lamps and no nail polish will dry from being under an LED lamp. ONLY patiently air drying nail polish will work!