Celebrating Pride Month with LMM Chéries

June is Pride Month - a time to celebrate, uplift, and support the LGBTQIA2S+ community. This Pride Month, we’re celebrating the freedom to let your true colors shine. We reached out to LGBTQIA2S+ members of our online community, LMM Chéries, and asked them to share their experiences and how painting their nails helps them shine with Pride. Here’s what they had to say. 

Quentin / Quill

It took time for me to understand I was not made to fit into a mold.

In middle and high school, I disguised myself to look like other boys to stay invisible. Well, that did not work as expected.

As time went by, I knew that no matter what, some people would try to destroy me, so I decided to be myself.

I changed my hairstyle, bought some heels and new clothes, started to try some make up, and to paint my nails (I discovered LMM right on time!).

And you know what ? People were either supportive or they didn't care at all.

Of course some of them will continue to talk behind my back, but the self-confidence I own is the best weapon against the critics.

Being yourself is priceless! Walk with pride, head up and everything will be possible, because when you believe in you, people do the same.

Today, I wanna be part of the "icons" for the new generations, to teach understanding and acceptance, no matter the gender, no matter the orientation.


“That’s for girls!” 

Growing up as a gay boy, that was the phrase you heard when something you did was outside the norm. So you tried to conform, fit in, stay quiet.  And it took a while to break from what’s normal and to embrace the mantra of “who cares!?!” 

I didn’t care to be a lawyer or doctor. I didn’t care that I never wore A&F. And I certainly don’t care what you think of my painted nails (although feel free to compliment me). 

Nowadays, toys are for all. Gender is not black and white.

As a superficial gay from LA, I painted my nails Licorice to accentuate an opulent all-black wedding outfit. Painting them Dark Velvet with my all-gray outfit let me live my Take On Me dreams.  And Black Sesame because well, the Asian in me was drawn to sesame, the same way I’m drawn to ramen.

My moody color palette is a form of self-expression, a fashion accessory, and, frankly, FUN!

At Le Mini Macaron we support the LGBTQIA2S+ Community. We stand as proud allies and believe in the right to be who you are, love who you want, and not be discriminated against because of it.

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