Which color suits you according to your zodiac sign

Looking for an astrological manicure that was written in the stars? Look no further, we have your complete guide to Horoscope nails! Astrology plays a big part of who we are, so why not express yourself with zodiac sign painted nails?! Find the perfect zodiac sign nail colors and zodiac nail designs based on your star below! 



The leader of the zodiac, Aries are daring, passionate, energetic and courageous. They have a lot of energy, need attention and tend to bore easily. They’re bold, brave and born risk takers who are not afraid to try new trends.

Zodiac Nail Color for Aries - Cherry Red

A bright, bold red is the best match for their fiery personality



Emerald green

A misunderstood sign that can be both wildly enthusiastic and lost deep in thought. Tauruses are ambitious, resilient, patient and focused. They have a strong belief in themselves and take time to really understand their surroundings. They are drawn to all the comforts and luxuries in life, and enjoy relaxing in serene environments.

Zodiac Nail Color for Taurus-  Emerald Green

A deep, lush green is a great go-to for this true Earth sign.



Lemon sorbet

Geminis are naturally curious and get bored easily. Known for being super social, constantly on the go, and always in the know! Gemini’s tend to be the life of the party, they love to chat up everyone and anyone, gathering all sorts of useful data, but don’t let their chattiness and need for speed fool you, they are also very intelligent, clever and wise.

Zodiac Nail Design for Gemini - Lemon Sorbet

A fun, energetic bright yellow is perfect for this extroverted character.




The most emotional personality of the zodiac, Cancers are ruled by the moon and while they are extremely caring and loyal, they can be highly sensitive and a bit dramatic. Cancer’s are all about self care and love creating beautiful safe spaces for themselves. They can be very charming, compassionate, intuitive, and imaginative.

Zodiac Nail Color for Cancer -  Milkshake

A rich white that works year-round is ideal for this sign that loves familiarity and stability.



golden glow

Leos are all about self-confidence. They like being the center of attention and aren’t afraid to express themselves. Leos work hard, they know what they want, how to get it and won’t stop until they do. They’re natural born leaders, with a pack of admirers following right behind them. Making them strong, protective, and fierce.

Zodiac Nail Color for Leo -  Golden Glow

A sparkly, eye-catching shimmer shade is perfect to show off these traits.




Virgos are perfectionists that maintain very high standards. They love keeping everything organized and looking its very best. They are warm, funny, friendly and enjoy helping others (aka, people pleasers). They are known for their natural elegance, effortless style, and grace.

Zodiac Nail Color for Virgo -  Latte

Soft, creamy neutral browns fit their practical personalities the best.



fairy floss

Libras love having balance in their life, they want everything to be in harmony and dislike conflict. Libra’s are charming, flirtatious and adapt quickly to any social setting. They love to be loved. They have impeccable taste and like surrounding themselves with beautiful things.

Zodiac Nail Color for Virgo -  Fairy Floss

As delicate baby pink is the ideal choice for these natural-born charmers.




Scorpios are deeply emotional and a bit mysterious. They are ambitious, strong, focused and determined. Scorpios were born to rule, which makes them smart and strategic. Nothing gets past a Scorpio, and we all need one in our corner.

Zodiac Nail Color for Virgo -  Licorice

Naturally drawn to intense colors, a rich, opaque black is the best match for their mood.



dark plum

Sagittarians are lively, adventurous, spontaneous and extremely honest. If you want to know the truth, and can handle it, ask a Sagittarius. They are bursting with optimism and extremely independent. This wild child loves to express themselves creatively and color outside the lines. 

Zodiac Nail Color for Sagittarius - Dark Plum

A shimmery purple resonates with their creative, energetic free spirits



dark velvet

Capricorns are super ambitious, determined and focused. They are persistent, hard working and always moving themselves forward. They keep their friend circles small and enjoy creating a safe, secure little world for themselves.

Zodiac Nail Color for Capricorn - Dark Velvet

They don’t like anything that distracts them from their goals, including bright colors, so a cool, dark gray is likely to be their go-to hue.




Aquarians are unique and inventive. They live in a magical world that’s all their own. Aquarians are extremely thoughtful and care deeply about others and the impact they have on the world. Their compassion and empathy mixed with their rebellious eclectic style is hard to dismiss.

Zodiac Nail Color for Aquarius - Pearlescence

They’re drawn to iridescent shades that reflect their free-spirited, eccentric personality.





Pisces are imaginative with an innate connection to the world around them. They are extremely emotional because they feel connected to every vibe the world is giving out. Pisces  are romantic, impressionable, imaginative and very compassionate. Their connections are deep and a bit magical.

Zodiac Nail Color for Pisces - Pistachio

A neutral pale green that reflects their dreamy, adaptable personality is the perfect match.