French Tips Nails: All about styles, colors, and more

Did you know that the French manicure, widely regarded as the most classic manicure style of all time, actually originated in the United States? It was created on a movie set in 1920 to save time during costume changes. Waiting for nail color changes was taking too long, so painting the actresses' nails with white tips and some lacquer proved to be a simple, elegant solution that complemented any outfit. This idea eventually made its way to fashion shows in France and became known as the French manicure. 
Since then, the French manicure has evolved into many different variations, but its timeless appeal remains unchanged. If you haven't yet tried this iconic style, what are you waiting for? Here are some simple instructions to prepare your nails for French nail tips, along with a few different French manicure styles to choose from.


How to do French nails?

1. Start by cleaning and filing your nails to ensure that the tips are even and smooth
2. Hydrate your cuticles and buff your nails before cleaning the surface to remove any dust or oils
3. Apply your preferred base coat color, which can range from clear to barely-there pink shades depending on your personal preference
4. Apply French tip stickers or strips to guide you as you paint the tips of your nails in white or the color of your choice
5. Apply a top coat to seal in the color and get a glossy shine


Micro French Manicure

The micro French manicure is a sophisticated twist on the classic style, where the nail tips are adorned with a thin line or stripe instead of a thicker band of color. This subtle variation creates a delicate and refined appearance, ideal for those who prefer shorter nails but still want an elegant and polished look.

Milkshake - Gel Polish and Blush - Gel Polish

Contrast French Manicure

Nail Design by @tangoc_

Looking to add some vibrant and modern flair to your classic French manicure? Then it’s time to try the contrast French manicure! By using two bold and contrasting colors on the tips of your nails, you can create a unique and eye-catching look that truly pops. This colorful twist on the French manicure is fresh, exciting, and undeniably fun. Whether you want to experiment with bright neon hues or rich jewel tones, the contrast French manicure offers endless possibilities to express your creativity and personality for a playful and contemporary nail look.

Bubblegum Crush and Pink Orchid - Gel Polish

Glitter French Manicure

This neutral French manicure with glitter only on the nail tips is simply stunning. It provides a clean and polished look while adding a touch of sparkle. It’s as if  Tinkerbell gave your mani a little bit of pixie dust. This style is especially beautiful for a bridal party or even the bride herself, exuding both elegance and simplicity. With a subtle yet chic flair, this glitter French manicure is the perfect classy mani.

Honey Ginger and Platinum Sparkle - Gel Polish

Italian Manicure

Nail design by @inca_phoenix

Achieve the illusion of longer nails with the Italian manicure technique! This method involves painting your nails as close to the cuticles as possible, creating the appearance of a longer nailbed. When combined with v-shaped French tips, the Italian manicure can produce a stunning optical illusion of longer nails. This beautiful and elegant style is perfect for those looking to elongate their nails without having artificial extensions.

Crème Brulée and Licorice - Gel Polish

Classic French Manicure

The classic French manicure is a timeless and versatile nail style that never fails to impress. Whether you have a busy week of meetings ahead or a special event to attend, you can always rely on this chic and polished look to elevate your style. With its understated elegance and versatility, the French manicure is truly everyone's best friend, providing a simple yet sophisticated option that never goes out of style. So when in doubt, just go with this staple look - there's no need to overthink it!

Blush and Milkshake - Gel Polish

Animal Print French Tips

Nail Design by @nails4bratzz

Unleash your wild side with animal print French tips! These unexpected and daring tips will give your French manicure an exciting and unique makeover. Whether you choose cheetah, zebra, or tiger print, your nails will surely break out from the pack and capture everyone's attention. So why not add a touch of adventure to your French manicure and embrace the bold and playful spirit of animal prints?

ChantillyMilkshake and Licorice - Gel Polish

Whether you like to stick to the classic French manicure or want to shake it up a bit, and let your mani imagination run wild. The options for painting French tips are truly endless. So, which French manicure would you like to create?

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